About Charlie

Charlie Crist has made his life's work serving the people of the great state of Florida. As a State Senator, Commissioner of Education, Attorney General, Florida's 44th Governor, and now as Congressman representing Florida's 13th Congressional District, Charlie's 'people over politics' approach has delivered time and again for Floridians.

Charlie is proud to represent his hometown of St. Petersburg in the U.S. House. Since defeating a Republican incumbent in 2016, Charlie has quickly risen through the ranks, most recently being tapped to serve on the powerful Appropriations Committee, including the subcommittee on Defense. He is also serving on the Science Committee which oversees NASA and space and climate change policy. In April 2019, Charlie was appointed as the DCCC Regional Vice-Chair of the Southeast.

Committed to returning civility to our political discourse, Charlie honors the 'Golden Rule' every day as he works across the aisle to create jobs, raise wages, protect our beaches, honor our military and veterans, strengthen education, and ensure everyone is treated fairly. He is co-founder of the Civility Caucus in the House.

Charlie is a member of a number of caucuses and coalitions in the House, including the New Democrat Coalition, Blue Dog Coalition, House Climate Solutions Caucus, Congressional Boating Caucus, and the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus.

Charlie lives in his hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida, where his parents still live, and father practiced medicine for over 50 years.