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Amid DeSantis’s Record-Breaking FPL Rate Hikes, Crist Unveils “Take Back Your Power Plan”

Under DeSantis, Florida has Seen the Largest FPL rate-hikes in History

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PENSACOLA — Alongside local electeds and community leaders, Charlie Crist, candidate for governor of Florida, unveiled his newest policy plan aimed at stopping providers like Florida Power & Light (FPL) – who have Ron DeSantis in their pocket – from raising rates on Florida families.

The “Take Back Your Power” plan will, among other things, tackle the skyrocketing FPL utility bills that are burdening working Floridians in the Panhandle and across the state under Governor DeSantis.

Crist’s plan comes following an in-depth report revealing that under Governor DeSantis Florida Power & Light secured the largest rate-increase in the history of Florida as the governor took over $3 million in campaign donations from Florida Power and Light.

“Take Back Your Power” will work to create cheaper power bills, more jobs, and energy security for Florida. The plan:

  • Holds the line on rate hikes,
  • Saves you money with new energy efficiency standards,
  • Restores local control over source of energy,
  • Prohibits FPL from buying regulators and politicians,
  • Speeds up transition to cheaper, more reliable, clean power,
  • Gives Floridians the freedom to put solar on your roof without utility monopoly interference.

“Ron DeSantis hasn’t made it a secret he’s in the pocket of Florida Power & Light and the big utility companies. Under this governor, FPL has made record profits off the backs of Floridians, but ends come November,” said Charlie Crist. “Our ‘Take Back Your Power’ plan is about doing what’s right for the people, not the big power companies. This plan is our campaign’s promise that, unlike DeSantis, we’re going to do the right thing and hold the line on rate increases and save Floridians money.”