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BAWN Endorses Charlie Crist for Governor, Donates $25,000 To Campaign

“A Vote for Crist is a Vote to Protect Your Family from Gun Violence”

MIAMI — Today, Ban Assault Weapons NOW (BAWN) announced their endorsement of Charlie Crist for governor of Florida and generous donation of $25,000 to the campaign’s fight against Ron DeSantis, citing Charlie’s strong voting record on gun safety legislation.

BAWN, which was founded by Gail Schwartz, aunt of Parkland shooting victim Alex Schachter, is backing Charlie in the face of Governor DeSantis’s inaction on gun violence prevention and support for permitless carry across the state.

“I’m proud to earn the support of BAWN in our mission to fight for Florida and work to put an end to the gun violence epidemic destroying our communities,” said Charlie Crist. “Enough is enough. How many more innocent children and families need to die before we take real action to keep Floridians safe? I vow to be a fighter for common sense gun reform and a champion for safer schools and communities.”

“In addition to saying he would have vetoed the bipartisan common sense reforms passed after the Parkland massacre, Ron DeSantis has vowed to pass a permitless and untrained carry bill – allowing Floridians to carry a loaded gun in public with no permit, no safety training and no background check. At a time when Florida has experienced an average of 2849 gun deaths annually, this will unquestionably cause more bloodshed and heartache in our communities,” said Gail Schwartz, BAWN Founder.


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