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Charlie Crist Holds Ron DeSantis Accountable on Fox News

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Following the only statewide gubernatorial debate in Florida, Charlie Crist held Ron DeSantis accountable on his own turf, Fox News, for not only refusing to commit to serving a full four year term if re-elected, but also for failing to keep Florida affordable and safe under his watch. 

Under Governor DeSantis, Florida’s property insurance rates have skyrocketed, utility bills are going through the roof, and rents and mortgages have simply become unaffordable. 

When Charlie Crist was governor, crime rates decreased by 23 percent. Under Governor DeSantis, crime rates have increased by nearly 3 percent.

Highlights from the interview include:

  • “I asked Governor DeSantis if re-elected if he would serve a full four year term — he was like a deer in the headlights. He didn’t want to answer the question; he couldn’t answer the question. And he wasn’t going to be honest with the people of Florida.”
  • “These are the things I believe in: I want to keep our taxes low, I want to keep our state safe, I want to fight to have a more affordable economy in the Sunshine State. Ron has ignored it. That’s not right; that’s not good leadership. We need a governor who is on task and on the job.” 
  • Affordability is in the crisis in Florida. Housing is unaffordable in the Sunshine State, good luck even renting an apartment, the price of gas is incredibly expensive, and utility rates have gone through the roof because the DeSantis Administration has taken their eye off the ball and he personally has too.” 
  • “Property insurance rates are going up under [Ron DeSantis], when I was governor they were going down. Utility rates are going up under him, and I brought them down when I was governor the first time.”
  • “Crime is up under the DeSantis Administration. And I was governor too in the past, crime was down under my Administration. So if you want to look at crime, the one who’s better at keeping Floridians safe is Charlie Crist.”
  • “I voted to secure the border…I had the opportunity to support law enforcement. I voted for $200 billion to make Florida and America more safe.”


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