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Crist: DeSantis Complicit in Moody’s Attack on Abortion Rights

News Reports Reveal Florida Attorney General is Attempting to End Right to Abortion Under Florida Constitution

First Step in a Total Ban on Abortion Without Exceptions for Rape and Incest

ST. PETERSBURG — Today, Charlie Crist, candidate for governor of Florida, slammed Attorney General Ashley Moody’s attack on choice as news reports reveal the Attorney General is attempting to reverse the established legal precedent ensuring that the right to an abortion is protected under the Florida Constitution.

The Attorney General’s actions are the first step Florida’s DeSantis-led Cabinet has taken to directly end the protection of abortion under the privacy clause, effectively paving the way for Governor DeSantis to enact an all out abortion ban without exceptions for rape and incest.

In a statement, Crist says:

“Make no mistake, today marks the DeSantis and his allies’ first step towards a total ban on abortion without exceptions for rape or incest. 

“This governor will stop at nothing, including supporting attacks on our Florida Constitution, in order to enact his extremist agenda.

“Floridians will hold him accountable for his attacks on our rights and freedoms this November.”


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