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Crist Slams DeSantis For Overriding Democracy in Key West

Governor Cancels Election, Allows Large Cruise Ships to Hurt Key West Environment

ST. PETERSBURG — Today, Charlie Crist, candidate for governor of Florida, slammed Governor Ron DeSantis for canceling a free and fair election in Key West and overriding the will of the people to side with his donors, allowing large cruise ships to dock at the expense of the marine ecosystem and the water in Key West.

In a statement, Crist says:

“When it comes to choosing between Florida voters and his biggest donors, DeSantis has shown he will throw voters overboard every time.

“The people of Key West deserve the right to make decisions about what’s best for their city and their environment.

“This governor’s reckless decision to override a free and fair election comes at Key West’s cost. Ron doesn’t know better, the people do.”


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