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Crist Slams “Red Tide Ron” DeSantis Failed Record on Clean Water

Environmentalists cheer Crist’s Commitment to Clean Water and True Everglades Restoration

ST. PETERSBURG — Today, Charlie Crist, candidate for governor, slammed Governor Ron DeSantis’s failure on clean water and reaffirmed his commitment to true Everglades restoration. 

Crist was applauded by representatives from Florida’s largest and most respected environmental groups, who issued a joint statement blistering DeSantis. As Governor, Crist stood up to Big Sugar and negotiated the largest land deal in Florida history to purchase over 100,000 acres of sugar land to store and clean Lake Okeechobee water before sending it south into the Everglades and Florida Bay. Crist’s Everglades action plan rounds out his Clean Water for All agenda.

“Governor DeSantis has failed Floridians on clean water,” said Charlie Crist. “Last year’s devastating red tide outbreak in Tampa Bay is a reminder that Floridians cannot afford another term of Red Tide Ron – all talk, no action. As Governor, I will once again stand up to the special interests and big polluters to fight for clean water and true Everglades restoration – not just the projects Big Sugar signs off on.”

“Scientists, engineers, environmentalists, and residents in our coastal communities all know that the missing link to ultimate restoration of the Everglades is buying sugar land and sending Lake Okeechobee water south,” said Jonathan Webber, Legislative & Political Director, Florida Conservation Voters, and David Harbeitner, Political Committee Chair, Sierra Club Florida Chapter. “It wasn’t until Charlie Crist that we finally had a governor willing to take on Big Sugar and put in place a plan to get it done. Charlie Crist’s historic deal, the option to purchase over 100,000 acres of sugar land, was Florida’s Yellowstone moment. While the Great Recession deprived the state of resources to exercise that option at the time, we at least had a path forward that allowed future Governors and legislatures to make good on Charlie’s proposal. After failing to purchase sugar land, Governor DeSantis has sided with big polluters and turned his back on clean water, coastal communities, and preserving Florida’s iconic natural treasures. There is only one choice in this election for clean water and Everglades restoration, and that’s Charlie Crist.”

Charlie Crist’s Plan to Restore And Protect Our Everglades:

In Congress and as governor, Charlie worked across the aisle to secure billions of dollars for critical Everglades restoration. For decades, special interests blocked efforts to buy land south of Lake Okeechobee for water storage and treatment, the missing link to truly restore the Everglades. As governor in 2010, Charlie beat the special interests and signed a historic agreement to purchase over 100,000 acres in the Everglades Agricultural Area. Although Charlie’s successor let the deal collapse, he remains committed to getting the job done. 

In addition to keeping bipartisan, state and federal Everglades projects funded and on track, Charlie will use Amendment 1 dollars to purchase more land to enable fresh water to flow south into the Everglades and Florida Bay. This will avoid saltwater intrusion due to sea level rise and protect coastal communities and their estuaries. Charlie’s plan will improve water quality, mitigate harmful algae blooms, support ecotourism, sequester carbon dioxide, and safeguard drinking water for millions of Floridians. 


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