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Crist to DeSantis: Reverse Citizens’ Hikes

In The Face of Insurance Crisis, Crist Calls for DeSantis to Lower Citizens Rates and Expand Coverage

ST. PETERSBURG — Today, Charlie Crist, candidate for governor of Florida, slammed Ron DeSantis for Citizens Insurance rate hikes. For the hundreds of thousands of Floridians being kicked off their private coverage by the DeSantis insurance crisis, and with dozens of insurers refusing to write policies, Citizens is the only option for Floridians who have nowhere else to turn. In June of last year, DeSantis signed legislation raising rates for Citizens Insurance, increasing its rate cap.

In stark contrast to DeSantis, as governor Crist was instrumental in taking on the big insurance companies, and lowering rates by 10 percent. But with Ron taking millions of dollars from the insurance industry and ignoring the storm clouds brewing in the market, Floridians are facing an insurance emergency of doubled rates and insurers dropping coverage at the height of hurricane season. Meanwhile, Citizens is not allowed to cover more than $700,000 in damage for most of the state, even though in many markets middle class Floridians need more coverage.

In a statement, Crist said:

“Ron DeSantis is unfit to lead our state during the property insurance crisis he created. After DeSantis doubled property insurance rates, hundreds of thousands of Floridians have nowhere else to turn but Citizens. Now, he’s raising those rates, too! 

“For years, DeSantis and his allies followed the same playbook with Citizens – raise rates, reduce coverage, and pray the private market will fill the gap. This governor’s head-in-the-sand approach is failing the hundreds of thousands of homeowners who are seeing their rates rise astronomically, or losing their coverage altogether. 

“Only Ron DeSantis could double your rates and think they’re still not high enough. The market is teetering, and people are hurting. Stop these rate hikes and expand the coverage limit, Ron. Before Floridians start losing their homes.”


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