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Crist Urges Vigilance, Caution with DeSantis Insurance Advice

Consumers should ensure they get “every dollar of coverage they paid for”

ST. PETERSBURG — Today, Charlie Crist, candidate for governor of Florida, urged homeowners to be vigilant following Governor DeSantis and Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis’ advice for dealing with insurance claims. 

In response to a question about carriers not paying claims in a timely fashion, Patronis said, “the best solution is between you, your carrier, and [the Florida Department of Financial Services.] The more people you bring into it, the harder it’s going to be to get a settlement that’s fair for everybody.” Governor DeSantis later echoed Patronis’ statement.

In a statement, Crist said:

“When I was Florida’s Attorney General, we went after the insurers for failing to pay claims fully and expeditiously after a hurricane. Floridians are now paying three times more for property insurance than anyone else in the country. My message to Floridians is simple: if you believe your insurer is shortchanging you, you do not have to take them at face value – seek a second opinion or legal advice. You paid your premiums for years and you deserve to be covered during your time of need.”

Before the storm, Crist called on Governor DeSantis to extend 90-day emergency coverage for homeowners who were dropped because their insurance company failed.


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