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Boricuas Con Crist

Florida is blessed to be home to over one million Puerto Ricans. Boricuas make our state stronger. From those who recently came stateside to those who have been in Florida for generations, Puerto Ricans share cultural traditions and a deep, enduring love for the island.

As a member of Congress, Charlie has been a staunch ally to Puerto Rico, fighting for disaster relief following Hurricane Maria and ensuring that Puerto Rico was not left behind in COVID relief legislation. 

He demanded accountability for the PROMESA board, and insisted that the people of Puerto Rico – not politicians in Washington – be the ones to decide the island’s political status. Charlie voted for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which provides record funding for Puerto Ricans. He also voted for a permanent, significant increase in federal Medicaid funding for Puerto Rico. 

Charlie was on the ground in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona, witnessing the destruction firsthand and reiterating his belief that Florida must be a good neighbor when tragedy strikes.

As Governor, Charlie Crist will fight to improve the quality of life for Boricuas and all Floridians. Charlie knows that Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens and believes that Florida should be a good neighbor to Puerto Rico as the island recovers, rebuilds, thrives, and determines its status for itself.

Good Neighbor Policy: Neighbors look out for each other and rely on one another during their time of need. As the closest state to Puerto Rico, Florida should be a good neighbor – not just in friendship and economic cooperation, but in disaster relief as well. 

When Charlie is elected, he will ramp up Florida’s emergency disaster stockpile. He wants stockpiles of water, generators, non-perishable food, and tools all over the state, so we can provide rapid response to our people and our neighbors after a storm. After Hurricane Fiona, Ron DeSantis spent Florida tax dollars on a cruel stunt to fly refugees from Texas to Massachusetts. Those planes should’ve been full of water and generators for Puerto Rico. When Charlie is governor, Florida will act like a good neighbor again.

Office of New Floridians: More than 900 people move to Florida every day. Sometimes our new neighbors need assistance navigating their new home—and Charlie’s Office for New Floridians will cut red tape, reduce bureaucracy, and provide essential information and services to ensure every New Floridian can make a successful transition. The Office for New Floridians will provide services in your language, so that U.S. citizens relocating from Puerto Rico to Florida will have the best shot to succeed.

Affordable Florida for All: Charlie knows that Florida has never been more unaffordable, and Ron DeSantis is making it worse. He has a comprehensive plan to reverse the DeSanTAX, lowering rent, utility bills, and property insurance. Charlie will help local governments crack down on Wall Street-backed firms that are coming in – particularly Puerto Rican neighborhoods – buying up houses, and turning them into rentals that no one in the community can afford.

Reproductive Freedom: On Day 1, Charlie will sign an Executive Order defending the right to access a safe abortion as guaranteed by the Florida Constitution and the United States Constitution. Charlie Crist will go on offense and take executive action to safeguard the protections of Roe v. Wade. As governor, Charlie will fight for Floridians rights to make decisions about their own bodies.

Affordable, Accessible Healthcare: Charlie has vowed to veto any budget that does not expand Medicaid for the 800,000+ working Floridians, including thousands of Puerto Ricans, who are uninsured. In Congress, Charlie cut the cost of premiums, co-pays, and deductibles under the Affordable Care Act, making it more affordable for you to see your doctor and afford your prescriptions. As governor, Charlie would provide Medicaid insulin pricing for every Floridian who needs insulin. Taxpayers won’t pay a dime. Drug companies will.

Freedom to Learn: As Florida’s last elected Commissioner of Education, Charlie will be a governor who guarantees a world-class education for every Florida student. Just as he did when he was your education commissioner and your governor, Charlie has a plan to put education first and invest in our children’s future. Charlie will ensure ESL programs are getting Spanish-speaking students up to speed as quickly as possible. And to help more students get ready for kindergarten, Charlie will expand voluntary pre-kindergarten to 3-year-olds and increase availability of all-day pre-K – a win-win so more parents can work without having to struggle to find childcare. Students new to our state deserve every chance to succeed.


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