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Defending Reproductive Freedom

On Day 1, Charlie will sign an Executive Order defending the right to access a safe abortion as guaranteed by the Florida Constitution and the United States Constitution.

The Florida Constitution enshrines a right to privacy, stating that “every natural person has the right to be left alone and free from governmental intrusion into the person’s private life.” With the Supreme Court’s radical decision to take away the right to privacy that tens of millions of Americans have had for the last 50 years, Charlie Crist will go on offense and take executive action to safeguard the protections of Roe v. Wade. As governor, Charlie will fight for Floridians rights to make decisions about their own bodies.

As governor, Charlie will:

  • Veto any anti-choice legislation passed by the legislature
  • Prohibit state agencies from infringing on Roe v. Wade or Florida’s constitutional Privacy Clause.
  • Take any locality in Florida that infringes on Roe v. Wade to court.
  • Make Florida a safe harbor for doctors, patients, and those who provide abortion assistance while ensuring no cooperation with federal agencies or other states seeking to punish their residents for receiving abortion care in Florida.
  • Protect abortion care for those who get their health insurance under Medicaid.


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