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Entertainment Florida

With beautiful beaches, scenic cities, and great people, Florida should be a worldwide destination for feature film and television production. Charlie knows that film and television are drivers in Florida’s economy, and that industry and government can work together to boost Florida’s economy, create good paying jobs for Floridians, and promote tourism.

When Charlie was governor, Florida ranked third in the nation for film production. Under Governor DeSantis, Florida isn’t even in the top 20.

DeSantis has failed Florida, failed Florida’s economy, and failed Florida’s film industry. Despite signing into law Florida’s largest budget ever, DeSantis failed to support Florida’s film industry and pushed billions of dollars away from Florida’s economy into nearby states. Even Republican legislators urged DeSantis to invest in Florida’s film industry to create new jobs and boost our economy, but he refused, ignoring a critical Florida industry. 

As governor, Charlie will make Florida a thriving center for film and bring hundreds of thousands of jobs to the Sunshine State, boosting Florida’s economy and expanding Florida’s tourism industry.


The cost of DeSantis’s failed leadership is stark. Florida lost:

■ $1.5 Billion in Film and Entertainment projects that should have been based in Florida;

250,000 potential lodging and hotel room nights;

125,000 cast and crew jobs for Floridians.

The loss of these jobs is even more devastating when you consider that professionals in the Film, Entertainment and Digital Media Industry make on average $85,000 per year, which is 62% higher than the average wage of all industries in Florida. 


Charlie’s “Entertainment Florida” platform will:

Rebuild the Film And Television Industry: Restore Florida into a “Film Friendly” state through targeted, proven incentives to attract film and television production, boosting Florida’s economy and pulling jobs back into the Sunshine State.

  • The American film and television industry supports 2.2 million jobs, pays out $192 billion in total wages, and comprises more than 110,000 businesses.

■ Support Workforce Development: Support industry-led training and apprenticeship programs to cultivate talent from right here in Florida and support the workforce needs of the film industry, including developing new programs in high schools and community colleges and partnering with existing programs to build the future industry workforce.

Consult With Local And Industry Leaders: Consult with County and City Film Commissions that have successfully brought film work to Florida along with industry trade associations and professionals.

Elevate Florida’s Film & Entertainment Advisory Council: Elevate Florida’s Film & Entertainment Office to report directly to the Office of the Governor, so progress can be closely monitored, Florida’s economy boosted, and Florida’s film industry restored to its former strength.


Thousands of Florida businesses and residents will gain, directly and indirectly, from the revival of Florida’s film and television industry through high paying jobs, lucrative contracts, and use of Florida’s tourism and lodging industry. Florida’s job market, hotels, restaurants, and production-related businesses will also feel the ripple of billions flooding into Florida’s economy as cast and crew travel the state. Some of the industries impacted by this economic activity include: 

  • Hotels, Lodging and Hospitality
  • Legal, Accounting and other Professional Services
  • Amusement and Recreational Services
  • Eating and Drinking Establishments
  • Finance, Insurance and Real Estate
  • Couriers and Messengers
  • Communications
  • Sound Recording Industries
  • Printing and Publishing
  • Equipment Rental and Leasing
  • Data Processing and Information Services
  • Federal and Local Government
  • Transportation
  • Wholesale and Retail

Graduates from Florida’s 30+ college and university film and digital media programs will have expanded opportunities for Florida-based jobs. With a renewed film and television industry, Florida graduates from nationally leading Film, Movie and Digital Media programs will be able to stay, work, and contribute to Florida’s economy. Because of DeSantis, too many Floridians have to go to Georgia or other states to find industry jobs. 

Florida’s tourism industry will benefit from world-class films showcasing Florida’s natural beauty and allure. Increasing Florida film production increases tourism for Florida, just like it did for:

  • The Show “Miami Vice” in the ‘80s helped put Miami on the map leading to a strong boost in tourism to the Miami area. 
  • The Truman show filmed in Seaside helped put this beautiful Florida city on the map and led to a substantial increase in tourism and business in this Seaside community.
  • The beloved Dolphin Tale movies filmed at the Clearwater Aquarium boosted tourist traffic to the Aquarium and Clearwater from 75,000 guests per year to 800,000 annually.