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Charlie’s Plan to Fix Property Insurance

Ron DeSantis is the worst property insurance governor in Florida history. Under his failed leadership annual premiums have more than doubled, rising from $1,900 to more than $4,200. For the average Floridian, that is an additional tax of more than $2,200 per year. 

Floridians now pay the highest property insurance rates in the country, almost triple the national average. It’s not just owners of single-family homes who are getting squeezed. Property insurance premiums for condominiums also have risen dramatically, driving up costs for condo owners.. Landlords’ out-of-control insurance rates also are contributing to the rent crisis plaguing Florida. 

Worse yet, insurers are taking your money and running! This year alone, six insurance companies have failed, more than 10 have left the state, and more than a dozen teetering companies are being propped up with smoke and mirrors paid for by Citizens’ customers. 

Hundreds of thousands of Floridians have been dropped by their insurer with thousands unable to find new coverage during hurricane season. DeSantis was finally bullied into calling a special session, but after insurance companies invested $3 million in the governor’s campaign, he gave them another $2 billion in taxpayer money– while completely failing to fix the problem. 

As Florida begins to rebuild, Gov. DeSantis shamefully turned to hurricane victims to help prop up his failing insurance market, telling hurricane victims to trust their insurance company.

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Charlie Crist has always stood up to the insurance companies. When he was elected governor in 2006, the market was in turmoil after the devastating hurricanes of 2004 and 2005. Charlie called a special session in 2007 and worked with Democrats and Republicans to deliver solutions. The bipartisan reforms stabilized the market, held insurance companies accountable, and lowered rates 10%.

Now, Charlie has a plan to do it again. Charlie’s 7-point plan would significantly lower rates and remind the insurance companies that they work for you – not the other way around. Independent experts describe Crist’s plan as “tremendous” and a “massive, quick, quick fix for the market.”

  1. Pass National Catastrophic Insurance Plan. In Congress, Charlie introduced the FAITH Act to limit the amount of catastrophic reinsurance insurance companies have to buy. One of the biggest drivers of cost for Floridians is reinsurance, or insurance for insurance companies. The reinsurance market is global, unregulated, and increasingly disinterested in helping Floridians. With a federal backstop for catastrophic reinsurance to cover the true, once-in-a-lifetime catastrophes, hardworking Floridians would no longer be at the whims of the global reinsurance market.
  2. End the “Hurricane Tax” Surcharge Policyholders Pay to Overfund the CAT Fund. Charlie will work to end the surcharge policyholders pay to pre-fund the catastrophe fund, which was always meant to be temporary. For the future, the rapid cash buildup should only be used to replenish the fund. It should not be a hurricane tax.
  3. Lower the CAT Fund Attachment Point. As governor, Charlie will work to lower the CAT fund attachment point from $8.2 billion to $4.5 billion, further reducing the cost of private reinsurance. The CAT Fund was set up to stabilize the market and lower rates. It should have the flexibility to replace the highest cost reinsurance.
  4. Appoint an Insurance Commissioner For The People. As governor, Charlie will appoint an insurance commissioner who supports Floridians over Big Insurance and will hold the line on rate increases. 
  5. Require Big Insurers Profiting Off Auto Insurance to Provide Homeowners Insurance. Charlie will require large insurers that sell auto insurance to Floridians to also offer homeowners insurance, allowing Floridians to “bundle and save.” This provision is already in state law, but the DeSantis Administration refuses to enforce it.
  6. Re-Establish My Safe Florida Homes. Charlie will also help Floridians better protect their homes from hurricanes and lower their insurance premiums by re-establishing his “My Safe Florida Homes” program. When he was governor, the state provided 400,000 free wind inspections and helped 35,000 homeowners pay for hardening homes, which reduced their premiums. The legislature allocated funds for this, but DeSantis has not acted to operationalize the program.
  7. Fight Fraud. Charlie will fight fraud by creating an insurance fraud task force to protect hard-working Floridians and stop the fraudsters who drive up rates. Insurance fraud is real and illegal. Instead of dealing with fraud that we all have to pay for, DeSantis and Attorney General Moody have been too busy in court trying to rip away Floridians’ right to have an abortion. DeSantis made a big spectacle of arresting 20 ex-felons who were told by the state that they could vote. He knows how to use law enforcement to send a chilling message. Why not do it to the fraudsters?

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