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Unidos con Crist
Ini ak Crist

Charlie Crist and Karla Hernández are working to build a Florida for All, and that includes delivering for all of the Latinos and other nationalities from our hemisphere who call Florida home. The grandson of an immigrant, Charlie gets what it means to be a Floridian through and through, while at the same time identifying with and feeling pride towards another place. Whether your family came to Florida because they wanted to in search of a better life – or because they had to, fleeing communism, socialism, corruption and violence plaguing so many of our neighbors – Charlie welcomes you.

This election is about choice and affordability. Charlie Crist respects women’s freedom. Ron DeSantis passed an abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest. Florida has never been more unaffordable, and Ron DeSantis is making it worse. Charlie Crist lowered property insurance premiums 10% and cut property taxes. That’s why Charlie’s campaign has the support of Latino Victory Fund and Florida Immigrant Coalition Votes.

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With one and a half million Cubans spanning many generations, the Cuban exile community is as closely connected to Florida as our sunshine and beaches. Cubanos con Crist know that Charlie has been a vocal critic of the brutal, repressive communist dictatorship. During the historic July 2021 protests for freedom, Charlie stood loudly with the protestors, supporting their cries for freedom, democracy, and security and calling for the release of all political prisoners, especially minors. With the support of Cuban community leaders, Charlie traveled to Key West to monitor the Coast Guard’s search and rescue efforts and to ensure that Cubans escaping communism over water would be treated fairly.

Boricuas con Crist supports Charlie’s plan to make Florida a good neighbor to Puerto Rico as the island recovers, rebuilds, thrives, and determines its status for itself. In Congress, Charlie secured billions in aid following the devastation of Hurricane Maria and made sure that Puerto Rico was not left behind in COVID relief. He demanded accountability for the PROMESA board, and insisted that the people of Puerto Rico – not politicians in Washington – be the ones to decide the island’s political status. The more than one million Boricuas who live in Florida can count on Charlie Crist to have their back.

Florida is blessed to be home to nearly 800,000 people of Mexican descent. Mexicanos con Crist heard Charlie’s passionate call for comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship. Charlie took a bold stand, declaring that essential workers have earned a path to citizenship. As governor, Charlie stood with farmworkers, including the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, to demand better pay and working conditions.

More than half a million Haitians living in South Florida add cultural richness, economic vitality, linguistic diversity, and strength to this Sunshine state. Haitians for Crist and other Caribbeans for Crist know that Charlie will fight for a better life for them, and for a better future for their children. Over the years, Charlie Crist has repeatedly visited many Haitian communities in South Florida, has met with Haitian American leaders, and has consistently supported Haitian businesses both in Florida and in Haiti. In Congress, Charlie Crist was a member of the Haiti Caucus, where he worked with Haitian American leaders such as Congresswoman Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick, to support Haitians in Florida and to get more vaccines to Haiti during the COVID-19 pandemic. Charlie Crist was in strong support of Temporary Protected Status for Haitians in Florida, following the instability and disasters which has brought suffering to the Haitian people.

Plis ké yon démi milyon Ayisyen ki ap viv nan Sid Florid vitalié ékonomik, divèsité lengaj, ak fòs nan éta soley sa. Ayisyen, Ayisyen Ameriken, ansanm ak lòt Karayib yo ki sipòte Charlie Crist, konnen Charlie ap goumên pou yon lavi miyò pou yo, ak pou yon pi bon avni pou pitit yo. Pandan ané yo, Charlie Crist té vizité plizyè kominoée ayisyen nan Sid Florid, li té rankontré ak plizyè lidè ayisyen Ameriken, é li té toujou sipòté biznis ayisyen, ni nan Florid é ann Ayiti. Nan Kongrè Ameriken an, Charlie Crist te yon manm Kokus Haiti an, koté li té travay ak lidè ayisyen Ameriken yo, tankou madanm kongrè Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick, pou sipòté Ayisyen nan Florid, é pou voyé plis vaksen an Ayiti pandan pandemi COVID-19 la. Charlie Crist té nan gwo sipò pou Pwoteksyon Tanporè pou Ayisyen nan Florid, aprè enstabilité ak katastrof ki té poté soufrans nan pèp ayisyen an. 

Venezolanos con Crist are part of the more than 300,000 Venezuelans who live in Florida – the majority of whom fled the brutal, socialist dictatorship. In Congress, Charlie challenged the usurper Maduro by introducing the PANA Act to safeguard assets that Maduro’s and Chavez’s thugs stole from the Venezuelan people. He fought against lifting of any sanctions on the regime and called on Ron DeSantis to divest Florida’s pension from companies that have benefited the regime like Citgo. Crist supported extending and redesignating Temporary Protected Status and asked USCIS to extend work permit deadlines. As a member of the Congressional Venezuela Democracy Caucus, Charlie Crist worked with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and met with exiled Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López. Ron DeSantis turned his back on Venezuelans when he wasted Florida tax dollars to fly asylum seekers from Texas to Massachusetts in a cruel political stunt. He treated Venezuelans who escaped the clutches of the socialist dictator like cattle and lied to them. He’s against Venezuelans. Charlie will always have your back.

Nicaragüenses con Crist stands for the more than 150,000 Nicaraguans who call Florida home. Charlie met with Nicaraguans to hear stories of their struggle as Ortega tightens his socialist grip on the country. Charlie led the bipartisan call to extend and redesignate Temporary Protected Status to the more than 60,000 Nicas in the United States at risk of being sent to the Ortega regime.

Affordable Florida for All: Charlie knows that Florida has never been more unaffordable, and Ron DeSantis is making it worse. He has a comprehensive plan to reverse the DeSanTAX, lowering rentutility bills, and property insurance. Charlie will help local governments crack down on Wall Street-backed firms that are coming in – particularly Latino and Caribbean neighborhoods – buying up houses, and turning them into rentals that no one in the community can afford.

Reproductive Freedom: On Day 1, Charlie will sign an Executive Order defending the right to access a safe abortion as guaranteed by the Florida Constitution and the United States Constitution. Charlie Crist will go on offense and take executive action to safeguard the protections of Roe v. Wade. As governor, Charlie will fight for Floridians rights to make decisions about their own bodies.

Affordable, Accessible Healthcare: Charlie has vowed to veto any budget that does not expand Medicaid for the 800,000+ working Floridians, including hundreds of thousands of Latinos and Caribbeans, who are uninsured. In Congress, Charlie cut the cost of premiums, co-pays, and deductibles under the Affordable Care Act, making it more affordable for you to see your doctor and afford your prescriptions. As governor, Charlie would provide Medicaid insulin pricing for every Floridian who needs insulin. Taxpayers won’t pay a dime. Drug companies will.

Freedom to Learn: As Florida’s last elected Commissioner of Education, Charlie will be a governor who guarantees a world-class education for every Florida student. Just as he did when he was your education commissioner and your governor, Charlie has a plan to put education first and invest in our children’s future. Charlie will ensure ESL programs are getting Spanish- and Creole-speaking students up to speed as quickly as possible. And to help more students get ready for kindergarten, Charlie will expand voluntary pre-kindergarten to 3-year-olds and increase availability of all-day pre-K – a win-win so more parents can work without having to struggle to find childcare. Students new to our state deserve every chance to succeed.

Office of New Floridians: More than 900 people move to Florida every day. Sometimes our new neighbors need assistance navigating their new home—and Charlie’s Office for New Floridians will cut red tape, reduce bureaucracy, and provide essential information and services to ensure every New Floridian can make a successful transition. The Office for New Floridians will provide services in your language, so that everyone moving to Florida will have the best shot to succeed.


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