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Voting Is A Right

Gov. Ron DeSantis and his Republican colleagues in Tallahassee care more about their political futures than our democracy and your right to vote. There is no other explanation for their constant voter suppression efforts.

If Charlie Crist is elected as Florida’s next governor, here are five steps he would immediately take to make it easier to vote:

  1. He would reverse the DeSantis limits on mail ballots, which are opposed by the local supervisors of elections. If the Legislature refused to act, he would declare a state of emergency before the next general election and make the changes himself. The Republican attack on our democracy is an emergency.
  2. He wants Florida to join about 20 other states and automatically register to vote anyone who seeks a driver’s license or conducts business with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. If the Legislature refused to act, the governor and Cabinet could require the department to do it.
  3. He would push the Legislature to move the Florida primary from August to the spring, when more voters are here and turnout would be higher.
  4. He would make Election Day a state holiday so every voter has a better opportunity to cast their ballots — particularly wage earners for whom taking time off to vote on a Tuesday takes money straight from their pockets.
  5. He would make it easier for the governor and Cabinet to restore felons rights — just as he did before. He also would demand that lawmakers allow felons who have completed their sentences to register to vote as Amendment 4 intended while continuing to pay their fines, court fees and restitution.


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