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NEW REPORT: Proud Boys On the March in Ron DeSantis’s Florida

Insurrectionist Group Continues to Move the State “Toward a More Extreme Approach”

ST. PETERSBURG — Extremist, anti-freedom forces continue to thrive in Ron DeSantis’s Florida, as new reporting suggests the Proud Boys have made inroads in yet another county Republican party, this time in Sarasota. This also marks a significant step in convicted fraudster Michael Flynn’s campaign to take over leadership of the party.

Given the Proud Boy infiltration of the Republican Party in the state’s most populous county, Miami-Dade, it is clear that the most extreme elements are gaining power in Florida under Ron DeSantis. 

“Extremists like the Proud Boys are loving life in Ron DeSantis’s Florida because he knows he will need them if Donald Trump lets him run for president in 2024,” said Charlie Crist. “Florida is the front line of a fight against anti-freedom forces seeking to impose their extreme views by banning abortions, targeting communities of color, and making it as hard as possible to vote.”

On Wednesday, Charlie Crist’s running mate Karla Hernández will visit Sarasota and address the rise of extremist forces in Ron DeSantis’s Florida with local leaders.