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October 7, 2022

Voters across Florida know Charlie Crist and Ron DeSantis. They need to receive information about the contrast and the choice facing them in this election.

Voters, especially women and younger voters, need to hear about Ron DeSantis’s attack on women’s freedom to choose. 

  • He has passed an extreme abortion ban, which has no exceptions for rape, incest, or human trafficking — and in a second term, he could ban abortion outright with no exceptions whatsoever. 
  • Meanwhile, Charlie Crist supports a woman’s right to choose and will veto anti-freedom legislation, just like he did as governor before.

Voters also need to hear about how Ron DeSantis is the worst property insurance governor in Florida history, driving housing costs up for everyday Floridians.  

  • Over the last four years, hundreds of thousands of Florida homeowners lost their coverage because of Ron DeSantis’s property insurance crisis.
  • Floridians now pay the highest property insurance premiums in the country, going from average premiums under $2,000 when DeSantis took office to over $4,200 today. DeSantis’s rate hikes translate to an additional $15 billion that Florida homeowners are paying in 2022 alone.  
  • While Charlie Crsit has proposed an emergency, 90-day coverage for homeowners who were dropped by their failing companies in the run-up to Hurricane Ian, Ron DeSantis has no plan to help lower insurance costs for homeowners and renters alike.


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